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Depiction of Albany Street Bridge in New Brunswick by Jack Lewis

A historic residential home on Eastern Avenue in 1902.

A historic photo of the view down George Street from the corner of George and Albany Street before the Kilmer Square redesign.

A historic photo of the Hungarian Sacred Heart Church, a staple for the Hungarian community.

Bayard Street, looking west from Kirkpatrick Street

Picture of 64 Bayard Street, New Brunswick

Businesses can be more than a site to purchase goods. Businesses, such as barbershops, like Scissorhands, can act as a forum for residences to discuss their concerns of their community. Business owners and workers then have an opportunity to be lead…

The ending results of the regional and racial disputes of New Brunswick high School.

Dr. Burke, New Jersey's Education Commissioner at the time urges the disputes end and a return to normalcy at New Brunswick High School
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