Downtown New Brunswick is an historic district that encompasses many different businesses and places of entertainment, all having tremendous value to residents of the New Brunswick area. Here, we focus mainly on the George Street section of Downtown New Brunswick, including sites such as Johnson & Johnson, the George Street Playhouse, and the Stress Factory.

New Brunswick ... It’s become what you see today, the finest urban center in New Jersey." -Russell Marchetta

George Street Playhouse

George Street Playhouse entrance

Russell Marchetta and Sean Hewitt share their fond memories of George Street in Downtown New Brunswick and the "urban coolness" of the area, touching upon the George Street Playhouse and the dining and entertainment district. Fatima Zamraki also provides interesting information about the George Street Playhouse

The George Street Playhouse was founded in 1974 by a former Rutgers faculty member, Eric Krebs. The GSP moved to its current location in 1986, which was the site of the former New Brunswick YMCA. The GSP quickly became a home for creativity and artistry in New Brunswick. One of the goals of the GSP is to produce the highest quality of new works as well as re-imaginings of classics in order to serve the diverse tastes of the New Brunswick community.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson headquarters

Johnson & Johnson was a key factor in revitalizing the economy of the city, providing jobs for citizens. Johnson & Johnson was founded in New Brunswick in 1886 by the three Johnson brothers, and as the company grew, it had to decide if it would stay in New Brunswick, where it had always been headquartered, or move to a suburban campus. The Board of Directors at Johnson & Johnson voted and decided to stay in New Brunswick, and the company has remained an economic anchor while also strengthening community ties with New Brunswick and Rutgers University.


The Stress Factory

The entrance to the Stress Factory

Dan Kaczocha vocalizes the importance of the Stress Factory in Downtown New Brunswick through Stephen Hilger's memory of the site. The segment highlights the Stress Factory's important role in encouraging the freedom of expression that helps bring the different cultures and perspectives of the New Brunswick community together.

The Stress Factory is a comedy club in New Brunswick, entertaining Rutgers students and New Brunswick residents alike with stand-up comedians such as Brian Regan and Chris Rock for over 20 years. The Stress Factory stands as a source of entertainment as well as a site of unity for the New Brunswick area.