Civic League of Greater New Brunswick

The Civic League of Greater New Brunswick building 2014 and 2006

The Civic League of Greater New Brunswick is a community-based organization created in 1945. The goal of the Civic League is to provide opportunities for African Americans in New Brunswick, and to make the different communities of New Brunswick feel united as a single New Brunswick community.

Sean Hewitt worked for the Civic League for many years, and recalls his experiences working with the Civic League in his interview. In his interview, he remembers his enthusiastic devotion to the organizaiton, stating that he was married to the Civic League and everything the organization represented. His memories are full of success stories about the youth projects he worked on, and how much the Civic League really does impact the lives of the people of New Brunswick.

However, Hewitt also mentions that there is a disconnection between different organizations within New Brunswick that help different groups of residents. He feels that this disconnection is a barrier that needs to be broken down in order to unite the New Brunswick community as a whole. 

There are a lot of programs, and the question is are they relevant and are they working together? ... Just to see some of these barriers broken down, I would love to see it." -Sean Hewitt