Hub Teen Recreation Center

An overview of the Hub Teen Center

According to Edward Spencer, the director of the Hub Teen Rec Center, New Brunswick's teens are vulnerable to delinquency when they do not have a place to go after school.  The Hub Teen Rec Center, located at 411 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, is a recreational center for New Brunswick's youths offering after-school programs.  Operated under New Brunswick's Division of Recreation, this 17,000 square foot facility consists of a batting cage, golf range, game room, movie theater, computer lab, sound studio, fitness center, cafe, multipurpose rooms, and meeting rooms. It is the largest recreation center for teens in the state of New Jersey, providing New Brunswick’s youth with a unique opportunity to be involved with motivational and educational activities without being on a sports team or in a club while attending high school. The Hub offers a variety of services, including computer use, homework assistance, fitness, nutrition, dance, karate, music, music recording, theater appreciation, movie appreciation, cultural field trips, professional and collegiate sporting events, sports and athletic programs, games, and contests. As the Hub City, New Brunswick is home to many diverse groups. In comparable cities, no program is similar to that of the Hub as it offers New Brunswick’s youth avenues to positively spend their time and energy.