Founder John J. Heldrich

Founder John J. Heldrich

New Brunswick Tomorrow Building

A girl participates in an event organized by NBT

About New Brunswick Tomorrow

New Brunswick Tomorrow works to better the community.  Jeffrey Vega is the president of the New Brunswick Tomorrow. New Brunswick Tomorrow is located right in the heart of downtown New Brunswick on George Street. The organization concentrates on neighborhood development projects and helping citizens gain access to healthcare. One of New Brunswick Tomorrow's major contributions to the city is Ciclovia, or “cycleway.” During this event, major roadways such as Joyce Kilmer Avenue and George Street are closed to vehicle traffic so that community members can bike and walk uninterrupted. New Brunswick Tomorrow works hard to improve the overall wellness of the community and is a staple of community involvement in the Hub City.

George Street is the epicenter for the diverse culture that thrives in the New Brunswick community. There is a particularly large Latino population that lives within the heart of New Brunswick, and within that population there is a very large Mexican population. There are a multitude of Spanish-language street signs throughout the city, showing a focus and conscious effort to accommodate non-English speakers.