The Puerto Rican Action Board is a community organization that works largely wtih New Brunswick youths to decrease criminal activity, to improve education skills, and promote positive citizenship.  Rebecca Escobar is currently the Acting City Council President for New Brunswick, and is the Director of the Youth Services at PRAB. She studied speech pathology at Rutgers University then changed her focus to public health. As the Director of the Youth Services Program, she develops programs to provide inner-city youth with the knowledge to promote positive attitdues, education, and skills for building a productive social life.  Ms. Escobar also coordinates Project Connect, an important community service in which PRAB engages at-risk youth.  The program's goal is to reduce criminal behavior and minimize juvenile delinquency.  Ms. Escobar believes that education is an important tool in producing a strong communal bond among residences.  Ms. Escobar also believes that mass media too often focuses on the negative aspects of city life such as violence; while, mass media should better recognize positives such as educational success amongst its citizens.  As Director of the Youth Services Program and coordinator of Project Connect, Ms. Escobar has helped PRAB provide early childhood education to 647 children, making it the largest youth education provider in New Brunswick.