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Serving Hub City

Each interviewee featured in "Serving the Hub City" has impacted New Brunswick by actively engaging the city's diverse community. Some have given back through political action. Others have established outreach programs for children to teens and an organization to access healthcare and health improvement practices. One helped provide entertainment for all of New Brunswick to enjoy. Many have their roots here along the banks of the Raritan and have made it their permanent home. Most importantly, all of them cared for and wished to improve “Hub City”.

The stories that aren’t specified here are just as important as those of the featured interviewees. These are all extremely visible, mostly contemporary members of the community. What you don’t see is the story of the average citizen. It is important to remember that these impactful people wouldn’t have had the same success without the volunteers, voters, and general supporters from throughout New Brunswick behind them. They prove that a city is more than a congregation of people and places, it is a physical embodiment of the way those people choose to shape the world around them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote in his journal, “Let every man shovel out his own snow and the whole city will be passable,” enforcing that a city can and will work well if each individual fulfills all of his/her civic duties. The people featured in “Serving Hub City” have lived by that maxim everyday. They do their best to shovel their own small portion of snow, living to better themselves as much as possible. However, they have also gone above and beyond to facilitate and serve others, shoveling the snow of the community. Hopefully this site impresses upon its viewers that it is possible to have an impact in your community. Furthermore, we hope the stories of the people it features inspires others to take up their own shovel, to take action, and to make a difference.


Tyler Green, Phil Ripperger, Adam Korner, Briana Lockman, Wes Brown, Austin Rex, Victoria Kriv