Small businesses, theaters, and recreational centers have undergone renovation in order to keep the vibrant energy of New Brunswick fresh and alive. A great sense of community has always been found in New Brunswick. Stan Bruskin recalls growing up in the city and remembers places such as the Poile Zedek synagogue, the State Theatre (formerly known as the RKO Theater), and the George Street Playhouse (located in what onces was a YMCA).

One change was the introduction of a synagogue to New Brunswick. Stan Brunskin remembers how his family were active members of the Jewish community in New Brunswick.  The Poile Zedek synagogue was founded in 1923 by Stan's grandfather. He recalls that before his grandfather created the synagogue, although New Brunswick had a large Jewish population, there was no place to congregate. 

Stan Bruskin admires the evolution of New Brunswick.  As an old resident of New Brunswick, Mr. Bruskin remembers how the city has changed.  In his opinion, the city is constantly evolving in a positive way.  Through the rough patches of the 1960s to skyscrapers today, the old-time residents of New Brunswick care for their ever-changing city. 

I enjoy driving down Route 18 from the Turnpike and saying, probably every trip, 'wow look at the skyscrapers.'

Stan Brunskin discusses the evolution of the city from his childhood to today.  Mr. Brunskin admires how the buildings have changed, in his opinion, for the better.