One of the most important parts of being a part of community is helping others out when they are in need.  One of the major contributors to this aspect of community is Elijah's Promise. In 1989, three different churches came together to create Elijah's Promise.  The programs run by Elijah's Promise include: Promise Culinary School, teaching a professional culinary curriculum to hundreds of students; Meals on Wheels; and A Better World Cafe, designed to bring sustainable food to the area for all.  

For Walter Herres, Elijah's Promise was the hub of his community.  It was where he found out what was going on in his community.  It was where he was able to critically analyze what needed changing about the community.  For Mr. Herres, Elijah's Promise was center of the community.

I spoke at the park. They wanted me to say something else, but I was spiritually led to say, 'This town, our town, used to have a YMCA, a women's YMCA, a neighborhood school, an after school program, community pools and all these things that would take away these risk factors but they replaced that with an overpopulation of police and just made it hit these urban areas.' So at 4'o'clock people in the committee were scared to come out because of the 2nd shift police.  ... It was like training day on the streets and if you looked something ghetto or gangster you were getting stopped and frisked. And this was before stop and frisk was even talked about. So this was going on for years because there were people who were repeat offenders from this and that. I was unaware of all this corruption but I worked in the kitchen (Elijah's Promise) and that populous is just blurting it out and that's their lives and I'm just like 'How do you survive in this?'

Above is a video by Elijah's Promise describing its mission