Johnson and Johnson Hall  today

Johnson & Johnson Hall as it appears today in New Brunswick.

Johnson & Johnson, headquartered in New Brunswick, seeks to benefit families and its employees, yet the professional class has been, most recently, the biggest benefactor. Celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2011, the Johnson & Johnson company is the second oldest institution in New Brunswick, developing products that improved the health of people across America. The company began as a family-owned business in 1886 and has consistently emphasized the importance of family in the workplace, offering many benefits to its employees and their families. However, the types of families who benefitted from Johnson & Johnson changed as the company evolved and expanded over time. The company's expansion led to a decline in factory jobs and greater emphasis was placed on white collar service sector jobs, most of which usually required an education to obtain.

When, in 1978, Jonhson & Johnson announced its decision to build their world headquarters in New Brunswick, the company formed a public-private partnership to help revitalize the city. Johnson & Johnson is actively partnered with the New Brunswick community and puts great emphasis on community service. The partnership between the company and New Brunswick residents has led to improvements in public health practices, human services, and education. The company has also formed two organizations, New Brunswick Tomorrow and the New Brunswick Development Corporation, which are devoted to redevelopment and revitalization efforts to support the economic and civic viability of the city.

The New Brunswick Times published an advertisement announcing the construction of the Johnson & Johnson Factory in 1886.